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The Villain’s Point of View

on November 9th, 2009 by admin
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One Response to “The Villain’s Point of View”

  1. Daniel Woods says:

    The best example I’ve ever read of this is Sarah Ash’s ‘Tears of Artamon’ series. Gavril Nagarian is the protagonist, and the ‘hero’ throughout. But the main ‘villain’ is a fully fledged character in his own right, with equally valid reasons for what he’s doing. From his point of view, Gavril is the evil power threatening his country, and I completely sympathised with him throughout. The result was a gripping read where, instead of wondering ‘will hero defeat big bad guy?’, I was desparate to know how both villain and hero would fare.

    Incidentally, that series is a good read if you want a study on worldbuilding, specifically countries. So many published authors fall into the ‘castle = entire kingdom’ trap. Ash is good to look at, because on the one hand she expertly avoids this trap, and on the other falls spectacularly into it, which is a useful distinction. Her story focusses on two warring kingdoms: one of them works very well (it’s huge, has a populace, politics, many different castles, a navy, an army, towns and roads, ports, etc), and the other fails utterly (Gavril’s ‘country’ consists entirely of his castle, and his ‘army’ of the men inside it).

    Just something to think about, and a series definitely worth checking out.

    Well done Ivy, you’re doing great! I’m lagging a tiny bit at 13,000 words, but I’m just about keeping up. See you at the finish line :).

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